WeAre Caring – Reducing our carbon footprint

Delights of riging your bike to work. Of course some loonies might walk (or even run, for cryin out loud) but let’s stick to ones who might make it to daily on time.

At WeAre we encourage the personnel to skim on their carbon footprint and CO2 emissions in general so commuting without your Audi is now top of the pops as the hip kids might say. More fortunate ones may have a shared Tesla but for the rest of us, it’s Alepa bike, Jopo or any other ‘ole steed that’ll do the trick. On the bonus side, you’ll warm the climate on a slower pace, might lose weight and those perky red cheeks are a joy to look at, aren’t they?

Benefits of cycling to work include: increased wellbeing, more energy to cope your daily tasks, better overall drive etc. Besides taking the scenic route via central park beats rush hour in traffic jams any day. Company perks include health insurance covering magnetic imaging just in case you get a little carried away with your new bike.

As a long term goal, our personnel is looking for a combined km’s covered to reach 40’000, which equals one round trip on the globe. Might sound a lot but hey, Mikko has already covered 20% of that so get of your lazy bum y’all.