Our customer
success stories

We take care of our employees so that they take good care of our customers

Here are some development driven companies for whom we have had the pleasure of developing sustainable solutions for the future through digitalization.

Becoming industry trendsetters through digitalization

"The first time we thought about the DigiOffice concept together with Renta's Joel Särkkä was in 2018. We wanted to build an operating model, which is based on proactivity, partnership and agility. In the center of the concept was to develop and improve the customer experience, employee satisfaction, and employer image."

Identity Management processes in order

At the start of the project Heino hadn't even considered implementing any specific systems or automation. The primary goal was to get the current environment under control to improve knowledge transfer and to create a vision of the future operating environment.

Access Management in compliance with regulations

WeAre's specialists have been performing in various roles ranging from project leads to technical consultants. The latest joint task has been the modernization of the online bank's authentication infrastructure to a cloud platform.