Cloud foundations

The deployment of cloud services is extremely easy and nearly every organisation takes advantage of them, whether they do it consciously or not. This ease of deployment can lead to a situation where services are deployed without proper planning and controls. With time, use of cloud services becomes a significant entity where, however, processes, practices, operating models and controls might not be not aligned with organizational policies. This in turn, poses a significant risk - large amounts of organization’s information equity can be managed in the cloud, but its security and controls are not aligned and compliant with organizational requirements. Building cloud services on a sustainable basis combining best practices, information security and cost-effectiveness, is our core competency.

We help our customers in both, building new environments and consolidation of legacy environments on a sustainable and scalable foundation while implementing the necessary controls and practices.

Identity and access control in cloud environments consists of two areas - access control for external actors (users and other external services) and access to internal actors (servers, applications, and services). External user access management is centralized in the organisation’s identity management solution, ensuring that changes in the company’s personnel are also accounted for in the cloud. Cloud internal access management ensures that access to resources is restricted to only those toles, applications, and services that require it.

The key element of the cloud is the decentralization of applications, platforms and environments. Decentralization of resources produces fault tolerance, data security and creates administrative boundaries between applications and areas of responsibility. However, decentralization also presents challenges - visibility is reduced and monitoring and auditing across environments becomes difficult. Part of our sustainable cloud development is to implement practices and automation that enably visibility, auditability and compliance even in large environments.

Cost follow-up and management is difficult in distributed environments and the total cost of cloud consumption might not be possible to follow-up. We create policies and models to centralize billing and allocate each resource to a cost center, project, or other target, and billing data is delivered automatically. With total cost under control, managing cloud development and monitoring return on investment becomes easier.


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