Business Application Digitalization & Solution Development

We are not focused or leaning into certain products or solutions, because we want to find the best solution that fit your needs. It can be a combination of commercial products, open-source tools and/or custom development.

If you are looking for a partner who can help you to build or further develop your digital business - contact us.

We will analyze the overall landscape. Data, Apps, Integrations, etc.

In order to make good use out of your data, we encourage on storing it to the cloud.

Now as the data is secured and accessible mobile, we can start constructing new ways to use your data. Not even the sky is limit here.

We have stored the data in secured location which can offer enormous integration possibilities. Now It is time to make money with new applications.

Something is missing. We do not make use of the public data sources yet. Lets integrate into publicly available data stores in order to get valuable information to enrich our applications.

Digital Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) are at the center of our expertise. We have more than 100 years of combined experience from Identity and Access Management projects with a variety of different tools, environments and solutions. Based on our experience one product is not necessarily a solution for every scenario and successful solutions require deep dive into the processes, business requirements, quality of data & environment readiness.

Working with IAM development project and continuous operations require understanding of Company’s information security and business processes. The underlying need and added value for companies are best found jointly in workshops with Customer. Our approach is to scope and develop solutions together with the Customer and tailor processes accordingly.

Identity & Access Management
Solution Development

Has the development stalled and you do not know how to continue with your current solution OR you are unsure with what solution to carry on with? Do you need a professional partner to work with your current IAM solution or you just simply require assistance on developing your current IAM solution capabilities?

We have worked with a variety of different commercial IAM products and have participated in IAM projects in scoping, architecture planning, implementation, development and continuous services phases. Therefore we are confident to say that we know the common pitfalls and working methods for the IAM development and implementation.

Quality Assurance & Roadmap planning

Have no time to ensure that your current IAM (implementor/developer/operator) partner is taking your company’s IAM requirements and targets into account? Want to get someone with an objective party to the table to help with the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas and translating those into concrete tasks?

Need help to build up a whole roadmap for the IAM services or just a hand to chop the big picture into realistic milestones and targets?

We aim to keep up with the latest best practices and methods and help our partners to keep up with those as well.
Our solid and broad view from the different organisations and industry sectors might provide the insight and missing piece your company is looking for.

Active Directory Data Survey

Call for help in order to check the condition of your Azure AD or on-premise AD data. AD is commonly used as centralized database for users that requires authentication and authorization to the company network. Yet management is usually performed by manual tasks and activities that are prone to errors and less consistent than automated processes.

Let us help you to check the condition of your user data and data management processes. You will receive a report of the user amount, in which state they are, overall maturity of the data, and recommended actions for the data and processes.

Support functions

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