WeAre helping students
in their future employment

“The WeAre academy was founded so that students could move to a work life as easily as possible after graduating”
Henri Vass

WeAre Academy is a training program developed by CareeriaRenta and WeAre Solutions Oy that offers young students a chance to experience real work life during their studies. The goal of the program is to help the future employment of our youth. The idea was born from discussions between WeAre's CEO and Careeria.

“I was studying at Careeria at one point, but because interesting internships in the IT field were hard to find, I decided to start my own company. These hard experiences from my student years stuck with me and later we put our heads together with Careeria teachers and thought about how we could offer new student generations a better chance in entering the work life. An idea about an academy was born, which offers young students a possibility to gain experience in a company of their own field, so that they don’t lose motivation in their studies and that they get to use their studies in practice straight from the get go.” recites WeAre Solutions Oy’s founder Henri Vass.

WeAre Academy has since grown year by year supported by our customer Renta. Nowadays our customers know to ask for our skilled labour as they have heard great things about our Academy program. In the Academy, students learn to apply the knowledge from their studies in real-life work and vice-versa.

In the Academy program 1st and 2nd year students first get acquainted with work life during a couple of lectures and workshops. In the second year, it is time for an internship during the summer, and in the third year, the training continues before graduation, followed, if possible, by summer work or a permanent job before the army or possible postgraduate studies.

"The Academy was founded in 2017 and so far the program has involved about 40 students. WeAre has hired some and some of them have ended up working for our partners. Our common goal is reached when a student has finished school with honors and found employment in the field or is leaving for postgraduate studies. This also gives strength to your own daily life when you see young people succeed.

The most important thing in keeping the Academy alive is to keep in constant contact with the students and that is why I am available at the school on Thursdays and in addition the school is also visited by our permanent employees hired through the Academy. The content of my “School Day” ranges from planning meetings with teachers to lectures. Sometimes I have our client with us, with whom we present our joint projects.", concludes Henri Vass.

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"We have built the study modules together with WeAre to ensure that the contents meet the current requirements of jobs in the industry. Through WeAre, we get the most current information on industry trends and applications for our school. Coding requires mathematical skills and equation solving skills, we strive to provide a strong foundation for these skills at school and through collaboration, we gain insight into the latest innovations in the field."
Jukka Koppana
ICT Director at Careeria

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