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Identity and Access management unites and streamlines business functions and helps manage security risks

At the start of the project, the consensus at Heinon Tukku was that both documentation and information flow in identity management could be improved in cooperation between the HR and IT departments. Active Directory data was fragmented and also needed some cleaning and a more functional structure. When the project launched, the goal was to get the current operating environment under better control, increase the flow of information and create a vision for the future operating environment.
IAM analysis gives an overview of your situation. Since Heinon Tukku didn’t have identity management processes modeled or in use, WeAre Solutions suggested IAM analysis as the first step to find the areas for improvement. In the analysis clear indicators were determined which were used to identify issues that needed to be addressed as well as potential security risks. From the analysis, a proposal for action was made which gave Heinon Tukku an understanding of the condition of the users’ data and recommendations for its processing and utilization.

In the beginning of the project, several workshops were held with Heinon Tukku IT and HR departments, where all the stakeholders were brought together at the same table to go through the current processes; typically, action is required in situations where a new employee enters the house, changes their name, takes a parental leave or retires, or changes jobs.

The discussions in the workshops raised clear areas of improvement in information flow to internal processes. From the data itself, the experts at WeAre found areas for development, which were analyzed together with Heino’s project team and corrected during the workshops.

The project streamlined the operations between departments. The upkeep of Active Directory data together with the HR department is now more goal-oriented and quantifiable, although for now there are no systems or automation in between the two. Through the employee identity lifecycle process, it is now better known what happens between different departments when a new employee joins the organization.
As a result of the project, the operating environment has been modified so it can also utilize automation, such as workflows for various approval processes or user provisioning. In addition, the general guidelines were clarified, for example, in situations where personal information changes, an employee takes an extended leave or quits, and when the user details are deleted.

About Henion Tukku

Wholesale business for over 120 years. Heinon Tukku Oy's business area is the wholesale and import of daily consumer goods. The company's main customers are in the HoReCa industry and commercial kitchens. Heinon Tukku Oy belongs to the TukkuHeino Oy Group, whose history dates back to 1899. The Group employs about 500 people.

"The guys at WeAre felt capable and gave off a nice vibe from the get-go. Working together was nice and effortless. Juho and Juha's self-confidence and professionalism made an impression, as did the advancement of the project according to the agreed schedules and their belief in their own cause."
Päivi Jänne, Chief Information Officer, Heinon Tukku Oy
Päivi Jänne
Chief Information Officer, Heinon Tukku Oy