Our Values in Recruitment Process

Recruiting is challenging and even more so when you are in the tech industry where the competition to hire and retain the best talent increases tenfold. Amidst all these uncertainties and increased competition, we at WeAre Solutions have always had an underlying principle in recruiting which is;

"Great teams accomplish great work."

We strive to form great teams that will produce great quality work, but how exactly do we define the term “Great team”? Let’s break it down.

WeAre communicative

Strong communication has been always our top priority. Whether it is communicating with a client, new customers, potential candidates or within teams, we are always transparent and open. There should never be a time where an employee feels like their voice isn’t heard. We genuinely believe that “Transparency is key” and have followed this principle. As an example in our monthly meetings we give updates on the projects we are working on, the company’s financial side, strategies, achievements and openly ask for suggestions. We have been practising the same thing in our recruitment as well. While interviewing candidates, we make sure we are communicating clearly about the role and the projects they will be working on. We also list salary ranges to our job posts so candidates know what kind of compensation they can expect for their work.

Our employees are happy which can be seen from our recent eNPS score of +78. This also reflects positively to our recruiting. Here is a sentence we recently saw in an application.

"I have a couple of friends who work at WeAre and they have praised the company so much that I decided to send an application myself."

Generally, an eNPS score between 10-30 is considered good while anything near or above 50 is excellent.

WeAre here to bring the best out of you

We believe that the employee’s growth is our growth and to ensure this, we believe in setting goals and working on projects which are challenging and will motivate our employees to achieve their maximum potential but we also make sure that the goals and projects are not so difficult that our team gets discouraged.

WeAre builds strong team structure

At WeAre, work is done in small groups to ensure each team has a right mix and number of individuals. It is done to promote positive team dynamics and strengthen our team from both technical and social point-of-view. We avoid working in large teams as larger teams results in poor communication, fragmentation and free-riding. Teams are given full autonomy on their work and we ensure to keep them motivated throughout the work. At WeAre, we have teams such as cloud team, development team, data team and others. No matter of the team division, there is no “US AND THEM” feeling. We strongly believe in unity and in helping each other.

WeAre Summer Party 2022

WeAre is at our employees service

WeAre is proud of its employees and cherishes everyone for their combined effort. From day one, our philosophy has been; we should ensure our employees have the opportunity to grow, succeed and enjoy their work. We have been able to create a calm and motivating work environment and we have always tried to deliver the message that “we do not equate hours with productivity.” We have a culture to openly praise strong performance regardless of the hours worked. We also understand that life exists outside of work and we try to be as flexible and fair as possible.

WeAre. Made for Future.

This year will be WeAre’s most successful year yet and we always have open positions for likeminded talent in software development, cloud, data and identity and access management roles. If you are looking for new challenges in your career visit our career site and apply to one of our many open job positions or leave an open application.

Ram Chhetri

Talent Acquisition Specialist WeAre Solutions Oy