Splunk is an intelligent big data platform

Splunk processes all data to be visible, understandable and usable. WeAre is one of the largest Splunk houses in the Nordics. Get Splunk licenses and the best experts at your disposal.​

Splunk understands your device data

Splunk collects data in real-time and in a recordable manner. This means you can see the system's status here and now. This makes solving and preventing problems easier! Splunk is also easy to use because it can index all data, regardless of the source, format or purpose of the data. It is enough that you have access to information and the need to understand how information is used in your systems.

Haluatko kokeilla Splunkia? Splunk tarjoaa 60 päivän ilmaisen koejakson tuotteen käytölle. Lataa meidän opas, niin pääset helposti alkuun!

Splunk is a versatile tool for analyzing data

You can search for the causes of application problems, investigate security-related events, monitor networks and their performance, monitor daily operations for compliance with regulations, or analyze your new products and services. Here are just a few of the many uses you have for your device data.

How can we help?

Splunk PoC

Splunk offers a 60-day trial of its Splunk Enterprise product. We help customers create a Proof-of-Concept environment according to their needs.

Splunk Enterprise Health Check

  • Environment validation
  • Splunk Enterprise related security practices
  • License optimisation
  • Data retention policies
  • Access management and policies
  • Documentation
  • Wrap-up and planning of the next steps

Splunk Enterprise Architecture and Deployment

Once your organization has made the decision to acquire a Splunk Enterprise license, we will assist you with the overall architecture and deployment.

Splunk Enterprise Upgrade and data migration

  • Environment analysis
  • Upgrade or data migration process planning
  • Upgrade or data migration process execution
  • Documentation

Splunk Cloud Environment deployment or migration

Splunk Cloud is a SaaS service by Splunk, which provides much of the functionality in Splunk Enterprise, without the environment and capacity planning headache and the overhead of managing your Splunk Enterprise server infrastructure.

Splunk Enterprise Data onboarding, Data presentation and Access management

  • Environment analysis
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Planning and implementing of data retention policies
  • Planning and implementation of access management
  • Documentation

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