Splunk consulting

The best Splunk expertise in Finland.

Our certified specialists have tens of years of combined experience in planning, installing and managing different Splunk Enterprise environments. We also know the infrastructure, be it an AWS environment or on-premise Linux servers. Providing the tools to efficiently manage the Splunk Enterprise and its underlying infrastructure is our core competence.

Our expertise

Splunk PoC

Splunk offers a 60-day trial of its Splunk Enterprise product. We help customers create a Proof-of-Concept environment according to their needs.

Splunk Enterprise Architecture and Deployment

Once your organization has made the decision to acquire a Splunk Enterprise license, we will assist you with the overall architecture and deployment.

Splunk Cloud Environment deployment or migration

Splunk Cloud is a SaaS service by Splunk, which provides much of the functionality in Splunk Enterprise, without the environment and capacity planning headache and the overhead of managing your Splunk Enterprise server infrastructure.

Splunk Enterprise Health Check

  • Environment validation
  • Splunk Enterprise related security practices
  • License optimisation
  • Data retention policies
  • Access management and policies
  • Documentation
  • Wrap-up and planning of the next steps

Splunk Enterprise Upgrade and data migration

  • Environment analysis
  • Upgrade or data migration process planning
  • Upgrade or data migration process execution
  • Documentation

Splunk Enterprise Data onboarding, Data presentation and Access management

  • Environment analysis
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Planning and implementing of data retention policies
  • Planning and implementation of access management
  • Documentation

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