RENTA – Becoming industry trendsetters through digitalization

Companies benefit most from digitalisation when they are able to automate their operations as efficiently as possible. As the strategic partner of Renta’s digital solutions development unit DigiOffice, WeAre has delivered the key applications for Renta’s equipment and space renting. As a part of the DigiOffice concept, WeAre Solutions goes through the development needs directly with business development managers and provides them with solutions that streamline their business processes.

AKTIA – Access Management in compliance with regulations

WeAre Solutions has been involved in implementing and maintaining Aktia's identification solutions. WeAre's specialists have been performing in various roles ranging from project leads to technical consultants. The latest joint task has been the modernization of the online bank's authentication infrastructure to a cloud platform.


HEINON TUKKU – Identity Management processes in order

Identity and Access management integrates the company's operations, streamlines business operations and helps manage security risks. In the initial situation of the project, Heinon Tukku felt that both the flow of information and documentation could be improved in terms of identity management between HR and IT departments.


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WeAre Solver X tapahtumassa

Tämänkertaisessa jaksossa keskustellaan viime kuun alussa järjestetystä Solver X -tapahtumasta. Kuuntele mitä mieltä WeAren kolmikko oli tapahtumasta, miten he parantaisivat tapahtumaa ja millaisille yrityksille Solver X olisi hyödyllinen.