Update on Recruitment & Measuring Satisfaction

We strive to be as transparent and authentic in order to keep our community informed and seek feedback so that we can improve our performance. We have outlined a few noteworthy points, which we shall go into greater detail in the next paragraphs.

Key points

  • WeAre has hired six professionals in the span of 2 months (March &April) in 2023, of which four are Software Developers, one is a Product Owner, and the last one is the new Head of Sales.
  • The average hiring period was 24 days; which is excellent in terms of industry standards.
  • A maximum of two interview rounds were conducted in all of the hirings made.
  • WeAre is creating its own freelancer network which has 42 freelancers so far.
  • Our latest Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is +71/100.
  • Employee well-being score is 84/100.
  • We have started measuring customer satisfaction and the first NPS result was 94/100, which is excellent.

Recruitment Successes and Learnings

The year 2023 has been extremely turbulent for the tech industry. We have seen unfortunate events all throughout the world, ranging from major layoffs to economic downturns to firm closures. Given the risks and financial strains, WeAre has done reasonably well, and our approach in these times has been successful. We have always believed in long-term growth and have set higher standards for client satisfaction. Creating a long-term relationship with our customers, providing qualified technical experts, and exceeding their expectations have always been our prime motto.

Six new employees joined WeAre in March and April. The hiring process on average took about 24 days, which included sourcing, interviewing, and lastly awarding contracts to individuals. In order to determine if a candidate is a good fit or not, WeAre often conducts two interviews. This is because we feel that ambiguity in the hiring process should be minimized. At WeAre, we have a specific blog post published on hiring. You can give that a read from here. Three of the six newly hired individuals came via LinkedIn Recruiter lite through direct messaging, one applied to us directly through LinkedIn job application, and the other two came through our professional connections. 

What we learned from hiring six new employees in this short period:-

  • Shortening the recruiting process saves a lot of time for both parties.
  • We can scale faster and focus on the most important thing, which is providing value to our customers.
  • We don’t need huge budgets to recruit new employees.
  • We have enhanced our employer branding and had a positive word-of-mouth effect.
  • We gained experience and insights into recruiting from a specific country.

Having said that, there are still numerous instances where we can improve. We have sometimes been very late in informing candidates, deals were postponed, and we were unable to successfully find work for all of our freelancers. We are conscious of our shortcomings and are working on improving in these areas.

“The recruitment process in WeAre is well prepared - From my experience, it started with a single message on LinkedIn. It was Ram Chhetri who contacted and provided me with all the required information about the job position. Two meetings later with Rami Rantala and Ram Chhetri, I signed the contract 🙂 Quick, transparent, and with a great atmosphere.”

Measuring Customer and Employee Satisfaction

Our scores for the NPS & eNPS surveys.

As a business, we must be forward-thinking. We are confident that the freelancing economy will prosper in the future, and we want to establish an atmosphere in which we can support freelancers and profit mutually in the long run. Our main goal is collaboration rather than competition. We have therefore established a network where independent contractors can join and help with our projects. Our approach up until now has been to connect with them via LinkedIn and set up a meeting so that we can get to know them better. Following that, our sales team will attempt to locate a suitable (usually long-term) assignment that may be of interest to them. We have more than 42 freelancers in our network who have connected with us, and we hope to increase that number in the future. One of the compliments we frequently receive from freelancers working with us is that we treat them like full-time workers, which has allowed us to consistently earn higher ratings on the eNPS employee survey. Our most recent eNPS score is +71/100, and our current employee well-being rating is 84/100.

One of the goals for 2023 was to have a better way of measuring customer satisfaction. We now follow up with our consumers on a biannual basis and conduct satisfaction surveys. The survey assesses whether or not we delivered on their expectations and how successful the projects were. Our score was 94/100 in the first NPS survey we conducted. This is an incredible score and we would like to express our gratitude to our customers for taking the time to answer our survey and to our consultants who made this score possible.

WeAre is always at your service if you need help in software development or cloud-related challenges, you can send us an email at sales@weare.fi, or if you wish to work with us as a freelancer or employee, you can apply here or send your resume here.