Innovative Culture and Product Development at WeAre Solutions

When we first started our business back in 2016, we were well aware that the IT consulting industry is extremely competitive and challenging. But in contrast to that, our main approach was to differentiate ourselves by “building a culture of innovativeness” amongst our employees. We believe that allowing room for creativity and innovation will help us build fascinating products. However, as a consulting company, focusing on innovation and our own product development has possessed quite a challenge for us because of very limited resources, time, and investment. But ignoring innovation at WeAre was never an option. Thus, we created a few principles for ourselves that have helped us foster innovation at WeAre.

The principles are:-

1. We encourage our employees to put forward their fresh ideas and if the idea seems feasible, we are not afraid to bet on them and take risks.

2. We encourage a “free to fail culture“, to learn through experimentation and we greatly adore our employees’ enthusiasm for new product development.

3.We will not look out for faster results, instead, we will have an open mind and learn from our mistakes accordingly. We are well aware that things take time and we do not expect our innovation will produce fast results.

4. We will work in a team and will share constructive feedback towards any ideas or innovations. We will ensure diversity is included and everyone’s voice is heard.

As an IT consulting firm, we put our heart and soul into solving our customers’ digitalization challenges. We have worked with numerous clients and have wholeheartedly tried to solve our customers’ problems efficiently. Most of the tasks that we were involved in had two major issues. It took a long time for application development and setting up infrastructure was troublesome to scale their business. To tackle these issues and upgrade the scalability, we developed a platform called “ReApptor”.

“ ReApptor is a low-code solution designed for fast prototyping, extreme scalability, and compatibility without compromising security. This makes it possible to build entire platforms with this Component Library. It saves time and fast-forwards your idea to business from startup to enterprise level.”

The main advantages of ReApptor are that:-

1. It allows for rapid prototyping, fast implementation, and infinite scalability on any device.

2. The prototype is fully-functional within days saving enough your valuable time, cost and resources.

3. Hosting is always included and setting up your development team is not necessary. Our collection of components, along with pipelines for testing staging and production-ready environments that have undergone extensive testing, provide the quick success that is required in today’s software development industry.

The tech stacks used for building this platform are mainly C#, React, Typescript, AWS, PostgreSQL, and Terraform. Most notably, our cloud team and our fellow co-worker Andrey Popov have contributed the most to the development of ReApptor.

You can learn more about ReApptor here and learn about its functionality here.


In addition to ReApptor, we have also developed an Identity Provider service called Olevi-ID.

Our main reason behind building this service is to provide a more seamless, straightforward, and secured identity provider service at a reasonable cost. While in business, it is of utmost importance to understand customer needs and demands. Other authentication and identification services that are currently available on the market were either extremely expensive or had some privacy concerns.

Olevi ID is primarily for our Finnish customers. As a Finnish tech company, we genuinely understand our customer’s needs and our technology is way more secure, reliable, and trustworthy.

The tech stacks used for building Olevi-ID are mainly Java-based, AWS, terraform – for automation, and based on open source solutions (Shibboleth).

Though Olevi-ID is a combined venture of the WeAre Solutions team, more credit goes to our fellow co-worker Kari Laalo.

Detailed technical reports on Olevi-ID can be found here.

Therefore, as a tech company; we have meticulously emphasized innovation, product development, and overall employee growth. We have a fantastic solution for faster application development and easy and affordable identity provider service.

Our customers have described us as following: “ It is very easy to approach people at WeAre and it is awesome to have a chat with them. They are really grounded, humble, and moreover efficient solution providers. They are very keen on listening to our needs and they provide solutions exactly as we need in a much shorter time and with greater efficiency.”

If you would like to solve your digitalization problem and looking for a friendly yet smart company to assist you, please email us at or directly call us at +358 44 504 4828.