Lehdistötiedote: Beta Systems ja WeAre Solutions ilmoittaneet partneruudesta identiteetin- ja pääsynnhallintaan liittyen

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Berlin, 13. February 2020 – Beta Systems IAM Software AG announce today that a partnership agreement has been signed with WeAre Solutions Oy – a Finnish IT consulting firm. WeAre Solutions is specialized in digitizing business processes and delivering IAM solutions (Identity and Access Management).

WeAre Solutions support their customers in the selection and implementation of technical solutions for managing digital identities. The services portfolio ranges across solution development, quality assurance and roadmap planning. WeAre Solutions can also deliver Active Directory data surveys for assessing the condition of your on-premise or Azure Active Directory.

Beta Systems offers a comprehensive portfolio of Identity and Access Management and Identity Governance products, suitable for mid-sized and large companies. The agreement with WeAre Solutions stands for a mutual engagement to address a growing IAM market in Finland consisting of companies that need to secure their applications and data while keeping costs under control.

“We are very glad to have found a trust-worthy partner in WeAre Solutions Oy with many years of experience, giving our customers in Finland a local implementation partner”, said Walter Teichert, International Sales, Beta Systems Software AG

“We are glad to partner with Beta Systems as it advances our technology portfolio. Beta Systems solution offers unique way of handling reporting and recertification scenarios as well as advanced IAM automation processes. We see it as a competitive product with very competitive pricing for Finnish markets”, said Juha Ahlgren, IAM Lead at WeAre Solutions Oy.

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